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(203) 693-1099

Total scam -- wanting address to send alert unit. Claims someone else has paid for it. When I asked name of company, got wierd reply Why should I be afraid of you, just trying to save your life. Caller doesn't mention ongoing charges for service I imagine if I fall in my office a coworker might help me up. Total scamsters.

2013-08-03 03:23:32

(623) 694-6598

called, no message

2013-08-05 05:16:59

(305) 692-0698

she hit me up on face book too lmfao good thing i didint call her kinda wierded me out so i looked up her number and found all this

2013-08-03 03:23:17

(816) 691-2000

Someone is trying to tell ou something. Schedule an appointment now or at the very least have your primary care provider give you a physical.

2013-08-03 03:23:27

(269) 695-8715

Called my cell phone, didn't know number so didn't answer.

2013-08-03 03:23:27

(615) 690-1656

This is a student loan recovery group. They are legit.

2013-08-03 03:23:35

(323) 696-0279

Monroy Zecena but want answer when I call. I thought you were in Africa but you have about 15 FB page. WTH

2013-08-03 03:23:33

(202) 697-7222

I got a call from one of these idiots today from 202 697-7222. He spoke so little English i could barely understand him. After his crazy crap speech, I said hmmmm. he asked if I said hmmm, and when I said yes, he said f&% you, so I replied in turn and he hung up.

2013-08-03 03:23:33

(954) 689-0539

I got a call from this number asking for my husband. I told them he was not home. 10 seconds later the phone rang again and it was a women the number showed up private. She told me she was from a collection company and that my husband owed them money. She then got very rude and told me to give her...

2013-08-03 03:23:27

(905) 698-0162

Well, they also called us and quite frequently so the last time they called me I simply said to them that recently I had my ducks clean, doctor was fantastic and all my hemorrhoids are gone I strongly recommended the doctor to him. He hanged up and to date we haven't heard from him.....the same MW...

2013-08-03 03:23:30

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Phone details for numbers under Interchange 708-693

City La Grange Park
State Illinois (IL)
Zip Codes 60526
Geo-coordinates Latitude: 41.81 | Longitude: -87.87
Service Provider Heartland Communications, Inc.

Each single region of a city within the U.S. is designated a distinctive code, which is the telephone exchange and area code. 708 is one such code, which has been allotted to a distinct region in La Grange Park, IL. To understand specifically where this part lies on a map, one can possibly examine the latitude and longitude, which happen to be 41.81 and -87.87 correspondingly. These land line phones are driven majorly by Heartland Communications, Inc..

The Area, Zipcodes and Timezone

It is noted, that the above mentioned exchange and area code, just about includes a land-area of 2448383588 square meters, and a water-area of 1785882224 square meters. Within this place, the subsequent zip-codes exist - 60526. This place belongs inside the UTC-6 time-zone.

Population and Age

Speaking of the people, in the region, The population has been considered to be 5194675. This consists of 2514314 males and 2680361 females. The grown-up (over 18) population is 3962395. The young children’s (under 5) population is 342493. The older people’s (above 65) population is 620329. Considering the over-all number of people, the median age of the individuals is worked out to be 35.3. A home in this place has a typical size of 2.6.


The area is estimated to have got a total of 2180359 constructed residences. 1966356 have been proved to be used and 214003 are said to be empty. The count of places of residence that are occupied by the property owners themselves has been assessed to be 3116535. On the contrary, 822499 places of residence happen to be given on rent.

708-693 Area Code/Exchange Map in La Grange Park, IL

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